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NLeash provides environmental consulting services for the home and business.


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nLeash Network Design and consulting

nLeash specializes in designing complex, highly redundant data transport networks.  Extensive experience with design and project implementation of multi service connectivity.  Applications including VoIP/SIP, ERP, layering QoS within complex HA designs at all levels of transport.  Experience with all transport physical design architectures and outside plant engineering: FTTH, FTTC, PON, Microwave, Cellular, Metro-Ethernet, TDM – Electrical and SONET

Looking for help with any connectivity or a network problem?  Looking to move to a datacenter or create a virtual environment?  Thinking about disaster recovery?  If any of these are of interest or thinking about a change in your network environment please contact me.  I strive to give honest unbiased answers.  I work for very reasonable rates and if I can’t help you there will be no charge and I will do my best to find some who may be able to help you.

Ward Graham is Civil Engineer and loves a good problem to solve.  He mostly spends his time working and worrying about his bees.  He also enjoys art, reading old science fiction rags and making a mess of the yard with his tractor.  He also enjoys world travel and has been to over 40 countries.  If you would like to reach him, please send an email.

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